DeskShade Plus

DeskShade Plus for Mac

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  • In English
  • Version: 2.1

Give a fresh look to your desktop

DeskShade Plus is a popular, trial version Mac program, belonging to the category Customize your Mac with subcategory Desktop & Menu Bar.

More about DeskShade Plus

It's available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and prior versions, and it is available in English. Its current version is 2.1 and was updated on 12/28/2007.

Since we added this software to our catalog in 2006, it has already achieved 19,729 downloads, and last week it achieved 4 downloads.

About the download, DeskShade Plus is a not that heavy software that does not require as much space than most software in the category Customize your Mac. It's very heavily used in United States, Sweden, and Ukraine.

DeskShade cures boring and cluttered desktops. Why bother with a desktop picture when it's covered by ugly icons? Are you happy with a static background? Download Now and get one step closer to desktop nirvana.


  • Tidy up your desktop without having to do any cleanup work
  • DeskLock catches sneaky family and co-workers red handed
  • Build a collection: drag pictures straight from a web page to DeskShade
  • Easy desktop variations with the built-in color shifting
  • Enrich your experience with cinematic desktop transitions
  • Play full screen movies in DeskMovie for unobtrusive viewing

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DeskShade Plus


DeskShade Plus 2.1 for Mac

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